Find Your Truck

You know the semi-truck model you drive, we know the refrigerators model that fit your truck. It’s a match made in semi-truck refrigerator Heaven! Find the truck you drive from the alphabetized list below. On the page you will find all the 12v refrigerators and AC/DC model truck refrigerators for that model truck. It eliminates all the guesswork and makes shopping for your commercial or over the road truck fridge a piece of cake. Cascadia Trucks, Peterbilts, Kenworth, Mack trucks, and so many more. If it’s on the road, there is a great chance we have the refrigerator that will work for you.

When shopping by semi-truck model it is important that you have the correct measurements for the cabinet in your truck. You will want to know the HxWxD(epth) for your cabinet. If the dimensions change on the refrigerators we will always update the measurements here on the website. SO if you have bought a truck refrigerator from TruckFridge in the past, don’t just assume the dimensions are the same. We adapt as the new trucks roll off the line to make sure our semi-tuck refrigerators are always like new and meet all OEM specifications.

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