Portable Refrigerator Freezers

Portable Refrigerator Freezers

Portable Refrigerator Freezers

What if you could take your home refrigerator and shrink it to a size that would allow you to take it in your car. Not only is it possible, we’ve done it! TruckFridge is proud to offer our portable refrigerator freezers. Our portable refrigerators come in 12v and AC/DC models depending on your preference.

Do you need a portable refrigerator to take to the beach? We have them!
Going camping and need a portable refrigerator? We have them!
Looking for a portable refrigerator to take on a road trip with your family? Maybe you just want to offer a healthy after school snack when you pick up the kids. We have them!
How about portable refrigerator freezer to keep drinks cold at a tailgate party at your favorite sporting event? We have those too!
We even have bluetooth ready portable refrigerator freezers!

Go Anywhere Refrigerator Freezers

Our portable refrigerators are a go anywhere, do anything way to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold.
Our larger models like the TB31, TB41, and TB51 also come with the ability to freeze. Ice cream, Popsicles, ice cubes, or anything that has to be frozen to stay fresh can be placed in these refrigerators.
Our customers love the ability to save money and eat healthier by packing a selection of drinks or foods in these portable refrigerator/freezers. When you talk about saving money you aren’t going to find a more affordable, durable, or trusted refrigerator on the market. We encourage you to compare prices and reputation. Our refrigerators last longer than our competitors, are priced better, and come with a one year warranty to ensure you are satisfied.
These are real refrigerators. Not a cheap thermo-electric cooler! We really have taken the kitchen refrigerator and made it small enough to fit in your car, truck, van, camper, SUV- it fits anywhere! Check out our full selection or portable refrigerators below and let us know if you have any questions!

Portable Refrigerator Size Help

If you are thinking “which size portable refrigerator freezer do I need?” we have the perfect size comparison for you. The “soda can test!” Here is how many cans of soda fit in each one of out portable refrigerators!

TB15=17 Soda cans
TB18= 21 Soda cans
TB31= 32 Soda cans
TB41= 41 Soda cans
TB51= 56 Soda cans

We hope this helps! freezer

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