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TruckFridge is the #1 choice for truck fridges and freezers. Shop all our products below, from built-in and portable truck coolers to accessories and power cords. If you have any questions, contact us for more information.

How to Find the Right Truck Refrigerator/Freezer

The quality of our Indel B truck fridges and freezers is guaranteed, and we work with you to find the right fridge solution. Whether it’s a portable truck cooler or a built-in refrigerator, our customer service team will ensure you get the fridge you need. If in doubt about the model for your truck, always confirm by measuring the width of the cabinet opening. Please note that models, prices, and availability are subject to change without obligation or notice.

To better serve your needs, please provide the make and model of the truck so we can ensure that we provide the proper connector necessary for your application. If your truck originally had a factory fridge, please provide that information as well. Although MOST trucks do not need the additional option of 110vAc electric, we do offer the option for those who find it necessary.

Details About Your Truck Refrigerator Power Type

TruckFridge AC/DC models automatically switch from 12vDC battery power to 110vAC household electric from shorepower, household electric, generator, etc. when available and plugged in, then back to 12vDC when 110vAC is no longer available. This is used mainly for long-term use when idling is not an option.

(Note: Although the 110vAC will run on a correctly sized inverter, this is not the best method. It is best to let the fridge run on 12vDC, as the inverter duplicates the fridge electronics by changing 12vDC to 110vAC and the fridge then changes 110vAC back to 12vDC.) Shop by power type here!

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